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The Call

ArtistNew King of Kings Life Centre, Port of Spain, Trinidad
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: You Have Brought Us Here

[Verse 1]

You call us to Your dwelling place

A charge for us to seek Your face

We hear Your voice and we obey

As we journey up the mountain



Your intent is to bring us into maturity

To the point where we’re covered

Like the waters of the sea

Now we go to the King

And with seamless praise we bring

Lives of worship

To the Sovereign God who reigns


Lord as Your waters rise we become (repeat)


Lord as Your waters rise You give us eyes to see

Lord let Your people grow into maturity


[Verse 2]

We heed Your call and will become

Righteousness, pure, and holy sons

Submitted to the Ancient One

As we journey up the mountain