We Are Warriors

Artist:   Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: When the Dust Settles We Win

[Verse 1]

We know our commander

We know our enemy

We know our battle

We know our company

We have our armor

We trust our training

We were ordained to fight

Since the beginning

And We won’t stop… marching forward

We won’t stop… pressing through

We won’t stop… growing stronger

We won’t stop, we won’t stop


We are warriors

Created and designed to fight

We are warriors

This victory is our right

We are warriors

A company to defend

We are warriors

Fighting until the end


We are, we are, we are

We are warriors! (Repeat x 4)

[Verse 2]

He's set the target

He's set the pace

He's drawn us closer

Into His grace

We'll keep our rank

And walk in pace

We just can't fail

When we seek his face

I'll march beside you

I'll fill my space

No room for the enemy

To find a place

We'll fight the fight

That we embrace

We'll keep the faith

And finish the race


We are, we are, we are

We are warriors! (Repeat x 4)

[Verse 3]

No doubts in our minds

We were made for this

Designed, equipped

And trained for this

No time to sit

And reminisce

We march together

And fight for this

We'll hit the target

And we won't miss

Subdue the enemy

In our midst

He'll be defeated

He'll be dismissed

And we won't stop

Till we Finish this!


We are, we are, we are

We are warriors! (Repeat x 4)