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This is My Cry 

Artist:   Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: When the Dust Settles We Win


Keep it clean

Keep it sanctified

Keep it holy

Keep it righteous

Keep it simple

Keep it clean

That is our cry onto heaven in the day of your power

[Verse 1]

The war we see and fight in, the war we must win

Can only be won by living without sin

Mind and body undefiled, I am in my prime

as time grinds to a halt I will stay in line

It takes no strength to follow the masses

like those who are sleeping when God passes

But my strength is the strength of Him

Who called me to stand, rise up and win

Not sin, look within to destroy the darkness,

and this is a battle of sight and blindness

Blind this enemy but lets us see

that sight won't come without living in purity

You see like a key, it gives access

To express the best, no less with success

We're in the lead, indeed we shall succeed,

With purity we fight, we sweat and we bleed


I know what I must do

I will remain true

This is just my style

I live undefiled

This is my cry

To live a pure life


[Verse 2]

Sin blocks our sight with lies of deception,

make us believe we aren’t worthy of reception

Have faith, God knows us inside out

Nothing can stop the promise that came from his mouth

About to route our thoughts, we'll never break the hedge

The edge is near, the enemy can't drive a wedge

Between us and God, if we die everyday

Daily sacrifice of the flesh in every way

No friend of mine could convince me otherwise

Peer pressure is a myth, I will not believe the lies

I rise I look the enemy right in the eyes

And from right now make the choice to not be bi-

polar being in one day and out the other

I choose to stand here strong and firm with my brother

from another mother, same father. Satan feel the fear

Princes have come down but God’s been here!


I know what I must do

I will remain true

This is just my style

I live undefiled

This is my cry

To live a pure life


[Verse 3]

The biggest lie of them all might just be

That were only human, blame it on humanity

Truth is we have access to the Holy Spirit

And his power knows no bounds, no limits

Whatever gimmicks that the enemy tries to use,

The same one old trick that he tries to abuse

To misuse, any offer that he makes we refuse

Leave him feeling upset, battered and bruised

Declare now "the past has no power"

Prepare now, for the final hour

The past is the past and it can’t define

Who we are; our identity is divine

Mature, one of a kind, ready for the end times

Purity of life is needed for us to shine

This gives us strength in our holy roar

spread your wings because it’s time to soar


I know what I must do

I will remain true

This is just my style

I live undefiled

This is my cry

To live a pure life

(Repeat x3)


So Father we commit ourselves to righteousness and holiness Forgive all of us who had sinned

Cleanse us who are unclean Those of us who have committed error in ignorance or willfulness We ask forgiveness We ask you look down in mercy Stretch out your hand upon us in mercy Forgive us Cleanse us Cleanse this church Take away every strain Every uncleanness Cleanse this church and make it clean Make it clean and acceptable Righteous in your sight We commit our lives unto the grand purposes of God Grand purposes of God