Battle Cry

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: The Sound of War


Let us go up at once

In our great advance

Though giants defend it

By force we will take it

We'll raise our battle cry

Our praise will fill the sky

Like thunder heard on high

We will not be denied

Let’s go up at once

[Verse 1]

We’ve faced the strong and mighty on the journey

We’ve fought the fiercest all along the way

At our command the barren gave abundance

And the darkness gave way to the day

We’ve learned to live and thrive

And overcome by lifting high our battle cry

The praises of our lips the worship of our lives

The armor we have proved

Is the one we choose to engage this fight

We will break our foes, crush all things that oppose

Victory our right!

[Verse 2]

There is a place where two worlds come together

And the vastness of eternity meets time

Where the mysteries of an Almighty Creator

Are accessible to the human mind

Where two dimensions merge

Realities converge and connect

Things spoken up above

In the earth are clearly heard

Dust touches breath

The perfect synergy - God and humanity

Our claim, our right

We partner for the Fight

We will release the Light - With Total Might!

[Verse 3]

Within our sight – the final Battle rages

His commanding voice is loud within our ear

“There can only be complete annihilation

So be strong and full of courage

Have no fear”

The thunder in our roar

Has sounded many times before

But yet once more

We go up with a shout

Pounding on the drums of war

Now let reality bow down to our decree

Resistance is no more

This Day we stand as One

Command His will be Done...Now, Kingdom, COME!