Dimensional War (Post-GGPE)

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: The Joyous War

[Verse 1]

Send this shockwave through the darkness

"Loose them and let them go"

Shout aloud so all the righteous

Locked in bondage will know

It's the Hour of Departure

The Lord marches through the land

It's the great Day of His Power

His strong and His mighty hand

[Verse 2]

We announced to the princes

The Day of Thunder is here

Then the heavens shook with terror

The earth trembled with fear

For like dawn across the mountains

A mighty army arrived

Before them there was great rejoicing

Behind them nothing survived

[Chorus 2]

A people purified and holy

Perfected on the path they have come

For it’s the Power of the Journey

That has forged us and made us strong

They took their stand – the kings and princes

Against the Lord and His weapons of wrath

But before the Day was over

They could resist us no more

[Verse 3]

A cry came forth from the Temple

A shout from the ends of the earth

It was a Mighty God repaying

His enemies all they deserve

There was a noise upon the mountains

Great tumult and uproar

We were gathered for invasion

An army massed for war

[Chorus 3]

It was a Day like no other

When the Lord heard the voice of man

We changed the structure of the heavens

Forever - at our command

Assembled as a mighty weapon

On a foundation stable and sure

We came in full formation

And waged Dimensional War!