This is Who I Am

Artist: Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: My Cry


The word of God said to me

This is the generation of prophecy

Created to bring about eternity

The finish, their identity

Capable of carrying this load

They stood at the cross road

And God spoke, showed

The way, to go

They are his chosen ones

They know

From their skin to their bones

Designed as God's stepping stones

So they took their place

And finished the race

God moved upon their foundation

The finishing generation

[Verse 1]

From birth…you were my child in the earth

Your growth, just know that, you're worth

The time I spent in creation

See my, every opinion

About you, as your foundation

And certainty, for declaration

Listen, you are my example

Listen… I am your strong castle

Listen, never give you more than you can handle

Listen, you… were designed for battle

A warrior at heart

From the very start

I set you apart

I Placed you on a path

You are… my son, can you see

You are… my daughter, can you see

Show you! where to go, come…follow me

And become exactly who I, want you to be

You will make it

You can't fake it, reach out and take it

Just Go get it

My Hebronite

My X-Ellite

Go fight

Identity is your right


This is who I am

This is my identity

This is who I am

This is who I'm called to be

This is who I am

You give me identity

[Verse 2]

From birth, I was your child in the earth

My growth, I know what I'm worth

God I try to be

Who you want me to be

I did final maturity

Are you pleased with me

School friends teasing me

Because I act differently

But this my identity

I try to make it clear to see

It gets tough, I won't give up

I'm next up, I won't give up

You chose me, won't give up

I can do it, won't give up

Old self deleted

False concepts rejected

I'm redirected

To where you projected

God I am your guy

My stumble is the lie

I fall you make me fly

Get up again and try

So name your price and I will pay

I'll fulfill every command you say

I'll tear down everything in my way

Make the devil kneel down and pray

Before you

I put nothing before you

God I adore you

God, less me and more you

My life belongs to you

My heart belongs to you

My soul belongs to you

My spirit belongs to you

This is who I am


This is who I am

This is my identity

This is who I am

This is who I'm called to be

This is who I am

You've given me identity