The Time

Artist:   Congress MusicFactory
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: My Cry


There’s a time for all things under the sun

All things are beautiful when their time has come

A time for silence and for Divine Roar

When lives must “Turn Upon the Core”

A time to break down, a time to build and repair

A time for confrontation, a time to guide with care

A time to scatter far apart

A time to join and mend the hearts


Assemble together and lift your eyes

(And you will see that)

The future is right now

The day has arrived


A time for calm, a time for peace

A time when thunder will not cease

When saints are gathered from near and far

For invasion and for war

A time when knowledge is locked away

But let the seals be broken in this our day

So what’s been spoken can be fulfilled

As we transact with the final things


The beauty, the glory, the Body of Christ

Assembled together with lifted eyes


A time when promises made to man

Find full expression by our hand

A time when “Time” itself will pass

That day is now within our grasp

And as we faithfully complete each task

There’ll come a day which will be the last

And Time’s last song together we’ll sing

Now that will be a beautiful thing


The beauty, the glory, the Body of Christ

Assembled together

This is the time


[Ending Refrain]

Now that is a beautiful thing

Now that we’re together in Him

Here at the fulfilment of things

That’s a beautiful thing