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We Are A Sanctuary

Artist: Phoenix Project Global, Virginia, USA
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: Confluence Volume 1

[Verse 1]

They’re coming from the ends of the earth

Seeking refuge from the war

Battered, cast down, wounded in heart

To a place that’s safe and pure

We open up our doors and our hearts

And bid them to come in

No longer ravaged by the dark

They come for peace within


We are a sanctuary

Holy, safe and strong

We are a sanctuary

A new day has dawned!

[Verse 2]

Hope once again will fill their hearts

Their eyes fixed on the Lord

Standing up in new found strength

Established in Your Word

Joining up on the battle line

The Lord at our head

Filled with power, clothed in light

We go where we are led!


You’ve enlarged our hearts

Strengthened the cords of human love

You’ve enlarged our borders

Bringing resource from above!