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Ancient Path

Artist:   Precision Centre, St.Johns, Antigua
Produced By: Congress MusicFactory
Album: A World of Worship

[Verse 1]

This path is old and worn

The steps of those who’ve gone this way before

Voices echo in the wind

And we still can hear them sing

“Take the journey up to the mountaintop

Trace our footsteps to the heights of purpose

Come join us

Uncover the designs, look within the Father’s mind

And see the things that lie beyond the curvature of time”

[Verse 2]

These tracks are old but clear

There’s uniqueness in every voice we hear

“I sacrificed the one - my only son

The one through whom the promises would come”

“I set the people free

Led them to their destiny

Face to face is how He spoke to me”

“And I was careful to construct systems to instruct

I taught them how to hear

When His voice was rare”

“Gather round me, come near to my side”

I hear the ancient say

“And I’ll recount it for the final time

Before I go my way”

“I wrestled with the Lord and though he weakened me

He changed my nature and He changed my identity

The years have dimmed my eyes

The light has gone from me

But hear ye sons of Israel

The future that I see”

[Verse 3]

It was here upon the harp

That He found a man after His own heart

From a shepherd to a king

The Sweet Psalmist of Israel, hear him sing

“Let’s bring His presence home

Let’s make His laws our own

And let His kingdom be forever established on my throne

Let’s speak of covenant and worship from within

Tell of those who through great patience

Endured and entered in”

In their lives He hid His perfect will

Only to be found

By the ones who would delight in Him

Dig deep and search it out

When darkness fills the land

And no one understands

When surrounded by conditions

That shake the hearts of men

We’ll stand among the wise

And those who will arise

To lead the nations to this pathway

And open up their eyes

This path is old and worn

The steps of those who’ve gone this way before

And our voices will ensure

This ancient path will be traversed by many more!