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Congress MusicFactory is an initiative of Congress WBN established to create, produce and distribute music that captures the essence, the emphases and experiences of our journey in Christ.

Latest Releases

I’m a Sanctuary

‘I'm a Sanctuary’ is an album of music for the children of the Congress, designed to bring them into greater understanding of the requirements of the Lord for us in this season.

A World of Worship – Volume 2

'A World of Worship - Vol. 2' is another powerful compilation of songs and melodies, designed to strengthen our core and uplift us as we together pursue the end of the purposes of God in the earth. 

Run Hard

‘Run Hard’ speaks of our desire to offer God our maximum strength and effort as we run towards the Finish, now that the resistance is broken.

All Of Me For All Of You

'All Of Me For All Of You' is reflective of the deep internal process of increased positions of personal death, greater maturity and Christlikeness.