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I’m a Sanctuary

‘I'm a Sanctuary’ is an album of music for the children of the Congress, designed to bring them into greater understanding of the requirements of the Lord for us in this season.

'A World of Worship - Volume 2'

'A World of Worship - Vol. 2' is another powerful compilation of songs and melodies, designed to strengthen our core and uplift us as we together pursue the end of the purposes of God in the earth. 

We Worship You

We are pleased to share with you these prayers and worship songs from Dr. Noel Woodroffe and our Congress MusicFactory. 'We Worship You' reflects the heart of our corporate worship, reverence and gratitude to God.

Run Hard

‘Run Hard’ speaks of our desire to offer God our maximum strength and effort as we run towards the Finish, now that the resistance is broken.

All Of Me For All Of You

'All Of Me For All Of You' is reflective of the deep internal process of increased positions of personal death, greater maturity and Christlikeness. 

The Joyous War

The songs of ‘The Joyous War’ are calibrated to the triumphant frequency of the Global Governmental Prayer Event (GGPE). 

The Sound of War

‘The Sound of War’ is a bold declaration of the warfare position the saints took on the day of the great Global Governmental Prayer Event (GGPE). 


A rich collection of melodies and refrains, Journey reminds us of our community’s amazing journey, and captures the emphases of the Lord within Congress WBN as we engage the Body of Christ.


In the midst of the increasing turbulence in our world, Solace brings you a collection of soothing instrumentals designed to help you relax, contemplate, and meditate on the goodness of God.


In this time it is vital that we remain still at our core. Stillness provides music to aid meditation and contemplation; a vehicle for considering the greatness, goodness and faithfulness of God.

A World of Worship

Worship is the sacrifice of our hearts that God interacts with and brings us into confluence with His desires. A World of Worship celebrates the unique dimensions of worship arising from the ends of earth.


When the Dust Settles We Win

Our call to formation is clear. When the Dust Settles We Win declares our commitment to walk together and be part of the army that the Lord is mustering for war.

Maturity CD Cover


Full of Biblical truths and principles, Maturity encourages our children to pursue righteousness, track down godly characteristics and march towards the GGPE.

My Cry CD Cover

My Cry

Inside the busyness and routine of life, music from My Cry will help us to continue to focus on the strength that comes from daily communication with the Lord.

You Have Brought Us Here CD Cover

You Have Brought Us Here

With songs that express adoration, declaration and covenant, You Have Brought Us Here remind us of God’s awesome character and our partnership with Him.