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Congress MusicFactory is an initiative of Congress WBN established to create, produce and distribute music that captures the essence, the emphases and experiences of our journey in Christ.

Latest Releases

Te Adoramos

We Worship You

We are pleased to share with you these prayers and worship songs from Dr. Noel Woodroffe and our Congress MusicFactory. 'We Worship You' reflects the heart of our corporate worship, reverence and gratitude to God.

Ajúbà re


Inú wá dùn láti fi àwon àdúrà àti orin ìjúbà láti òdò Òmòwé Noel Woodroffe àti ilé isé orin wa ti Congress MusicFactory tiise “Ajúbà re”. À únfi okàn ìsòkan wà nínú ìjúbá, ìbòwó fún, àti ìmoore wa hàn sí Olórun.

Wir Beten Dich An


Wir freuen uns, diese Gebete und Lobpreislieder von Dr. Noel Woodroffe und unserer Congress MusicFactory mit Ihnen teilen zu können. "Wir beten Dich an" spiegelt das Herz unserer gemeinsamen Anbetung, Ehrfurcht und Dankbarkeit gegenüber Gott wider.



Siyathokoza ukunethulela le mikhuleko namaculo endumiso esuka kuDkt Noel Woodroffe neCongress MusicFactory. I‘Siyakudumisa’ ibonisa inhliziyo yethu ndawonye, inhlonipho nokubonga kuNkulunkulu.

Ons Loof U


Dit is vir ons ‘n voorreg om hierdie gebede en lofliedere van Dr. Noel Woodroffe en Congress MusicFactory met julle te deel. 'Ons Loof U' reflekteer die hart van korporatiewe lof, eer en dankbaarheid tot God.

Nous T’adorons


Nous sommes heureux de partager avec vous ces prières et ces chants d’adoration venant de Dr Noel Woodroffe et de notre Congress MusicFactory. ‘Nous T’adorons’ reflète le coeur de notre adoration communautaire, la révérence et la gratitude envers Dieu.

Te Adoramos 


Es nuestro placer compartir contigo estas oraciones y cantos de adoración del Dr. Noel Woodroffe y de nuestro Congress MusicFactory. “Te Adoramos” refleja el corazón de nuestra adoración corporativa, reverencia y gratitud hacia Dios.

We Worship You Instrumentals

'We Worship You' reflects the heart of our corporate worship, reverence and gratitude to God through prayers and worship songs from Dr. Noel Woodroffe and our Congress MusicFactory.

Hard Boundaries

The album 'Hard Boundaries' from Congress MusicFactory reinforces our responsibility to set up hard boundaries in our personal lives, reminds us of our spiritual DNA and calibrates us to be more accurate. 

Generation Lift Kids' Camp - I Am Wise

‘I Am Wise’ is a single for the children of the Congress, designed to strengthen their resolve to be full of wisdom as they declare “I am wise and I hate folly”.

Write On Me

'Write on Me' is reflective of the deep internal process of increased positions of personal death, greater maturity and Christlikeness. 

I’m a Sanctuary

‘I'm a Sanctuary’ is an album of music for the children of the Congress, designed to bring them into greater understanding of the requirements of the Lord for us in this season.

Run Hard

‘Run Hard’ speaks of our desire to offer God our maximum strength and effort as we run towards the Finish, now that the resistance is broken.

A World of Worship – Volume 2

'A World of Worship - Vol. 2' is another powerful compilation of songs and melodies, designed to strengthen our core and uplift us as we together pursue the end of the purposes of God in the earth. 

You Have Brought Us Here

'Have Brought Us Here' expresses adoration, declaration and covenant. The lyrics and melodies inspire us to lift up the name of the Lord and remind us of God’s awesome character and our great purpose in partnership with Him.

The Joyous War

The songs of ‘Joyous War’ are calibrated to the triumphant frequency of the Global Governmental Prayer Event (GGPE).